10 Tips For Eating Organic On A Budget

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There are countless benefits to eating organic food, with the top most reasons been the fact that organic food has a higher nutritional value, and helps in reducing your exposure to fatal synthetic pesticides. Of course these many benefits make organic food a more expensive option. Below are ten tips to help you go organic on a budget.

Take Advantage of Bulk Buying

Buying organic food and your sweet treats in bulk is by far a less expensive way to go natural. You can shop online from our store for your healthy treats like vegan chocolates and a great variety of organic chocolate. You can save a sizable sum of money shopping in this manner and you always have a gift available when you need one.

Use The Freezer More

Making bigger versions of organic recipes and freezing them in smaller quantities is an excellent way to consume an easy dinner. It saves a lot of time and money. Besides, it means you do not waste any food as everything is frozen.

Buy Own Brand or Unbranded

Buying own brand is a very simple way to keep your costs down. You can manage to cut the amount off some items. There is really not much difference between food that is branded and unbranded (in terms of quality).

Make your Transition to Organic Food Gradual

Start by choosing specific foods to buy organic. Try to find them cheap. Each time you are comfortable with the organic food you are eating, try and include a few more. After some time you would have found a balance between eating the organic foods you want, thus keeping the expenses down.


Although it is ideal to eat organic food whenever possible, there are certain foods that are not necessary to purchase organic. If it is a question of cost, go for the ones renowned as better when eaten as organic.


If you plan what you are going to eat it reduces the amount of organic food you shop for. It also means you will not be tempted to visit the supermarket again and buy impulse food.

Include Affordable Ingredients

Beans, root vegetables, and pulses are perfect to make meals that go further without necessarily meaning you will have to fork out cash for more costly organic meat.

Eat Less Meat

Meat is arguably one of the pricey ingredients to buy organic, despite the fact that it is among the best to eat organic. Try preparing one meal per week without meat. There are a number of good vegetarian recipes available.

Buy Seasonal

Buying seasonal food means it doesn’t have to be derived from across the world. Rather this means spending less money on transportation and more savings for your pocket.

Shop Local

Although this often feels like shopping at the farm shop or local butcher is more expensive than shopping at a supermarket, but if you shop around, you may find some bargains.

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