Stir It Up: Artisan White Chocolate Mint Shake

Adoratio Schokoladenkunst White Chocolate Mint Shake

We love to mix things up and will share with you some of our favourite shake recipes. Naturally it will always involve chocolate one way or the other. For best results follow the steps below.


200 ml full fat milk (3.5% fat)
30 g ADORATIO White Chocolate Mint
100 ml Whipped Cream (3.5% fat)
10 g ADORATIO Cocoa Nibs



Bring milk to a boil. Add the ADORATIO White Chocolate Mint powder and stir well until chocolate is completely resolved. Whisk the hot chocolate once more with a handheld electric milk frother. Fill this delicious beverage in a mug or glass. Decorate it with whipped cream and sprinkle ADORATIO Cocoa Nibs on top! If you prefer a cold option, then simply pour the hot chocolate over crashed ice. Either way this drinking chocolate shake is simply awesome. Enjoy!


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