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Since we have this delicious organic Paleo collection in store, I set out on a self-experiment to see what Paleo is all about and if it has a significant affect on my overall well-being. My journey to a better me, started in September 2015 and I incorporated personal training along with my lifestyle change.

Change of Diet

Once I crossed the 35 years of age mark, I have noticed that my metabolism slowed down and that weight increased quickly, if I did not exercise. I have never been overweight, but I still felt a few kg less could be good as my favourite jeans did not fit anymore and my goal was to wear them again. Generally, I already maintained a healthy diet as I was not consuming fast food, processed food or sodas like coke etc. Moreover, buying organic produce was already a household tradition for many years.

I gradually adapted to the Paleo diet and omitted bread in the evening. This was really hard at the beginning, since a slice of whole wheat bread was my dinner routine since childhood and it is a German tradition. The bread was substituted by a mixed salad and complemented with fish, egg or steak. Breakfast was another challenge, oatmeal was another companion since my childhood days and I did not want to give that up completely. I cut my oatmeal portion in half and added the Paleo muesli to it. The mix of nuts, chocolate and coconut was a great addition to my otherwise boring plain oatmeal. This was a satisfying and enjoyable change. Now I mix up my oatmeal / Paleo muesli with berries or other fruits, coconut oil, flax and chia seeds to keep it interesting. Chia seed pudding is another breakfast favourite these days. These little seeds mixed with coconut or almond milk, banana and berries turn out to be very filling. I also tried a few quinoa muesli recipes, which are also a great alternative to oats. During lunch I removed all the simple carbs from my meal plan and substituted potatoes with sweet potatoe and pasta with buckwheat pasta. Additionally, I discovered a whole lot of new things like quinoa and how to make mash out of cauliflower. In general, I make sure I eat protein with every meal to feel full for longer. My three main meals are complemented by two snacks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The snacks are mainly protein shakes, nuts, yogurt with berries or the delicious Paleo Balls or Paleo Bars.  

Personalised Exercise Programme

Excersing regulary was already a part of my lifestyle. Being a fitness enthusiast I enjoy going to the gym and workout regularly four times a week. I used to attend a variety of group exercise classes as this was more fun than working out alone. However, after exercising a considerable amount of time without achieving the desired results I decided to sign up for personal training. My personal trainer Rhyan, pushed me very hard to go above my limits and I could see results instantly. I lost 1.7 kg of body fat within the first week, which was a great motivator and a validation that my lifestyle change was working. I continued training with him twice a week over a period of 8 months. Additionally, I was working out two or three times a week on my own. The excess body fat was melting away and I lost in total 7 kg of fat. My trainer monitored my food consumption closely during the initial process and provided additional nutrition advice. I had to take pictures of everything I ate during the day and sent it to him. Taking pictures was definitely increasing awareness of how much food I was consuming during the day. Completely satisfied and happy with these results I continue with the personal training once a week and excersise on my own three times per week.  

What about Chocolate?

We are in the chocolate business for a reason. We love it and want to share it with the world. One thing which I did not omit during my lifestyle change was chocolate. I generally consume the high quality chocolate we have featured in our store. My preference is dark chocolate, but I also eat milk chocolate now and then. The piece of chocolate will not have a huge impact, if your overall diet is a balanced one. Chocolate is the only candy I enjoy and therefore it is well integrated into my life.


The lifestyle change has transformed me overall. I have more energy, I am well toned and my skin is more radiant. For my wardrobe it means I lost one dress size and my favourite jeans fit again nicely. I am feeling fit and fabulous and I have now the weight again, which I had 10 years ago. I have adapted Paleo to the extend I feel comfortable with in my life. I have not cut out the dairy products as I am enjoying yoghurt, milk and cheese far too much. Restricing myself seemed to be counter productive as cravings came up sooner or later. Therefore, I kept the items on my meal plan which I enjoy and was not willing to live without. The Paleo lifeystyle definitely works and helps with weight loss and the overall sense of well-being, when combined with a personalised excersise programme. The answer to above question is therefore YES!

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    Very inspirational. Thanks for sharing your story.

    May 20, 2016

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