Have You Tried Coffee And Chocolate – The Match Made In Heaven?

Coffee And Chocolate - A Match Made In Heaven

Some things just go so well together. Things like bread and jam, strawberry and cream, milk and honey, spice cake and vanilla, fish and chip are matches made in heaven.

There is nothing as magical as a perfect dessert pairing. It can be soulful and decadent. Pairing our specialty coffee with our organic chocolate collection can be a very pleasurable experience.

The Chocolate

There are many reasons why people love this beautiful combination. The most common reason is that coffee and chocolate are, much more similar than any other combination dessert. Confused yet? Don't be! Chocolate comes from cocoa. The cocoa plant grows at high altitudes in South America. Each pod contains about a hundred nibs, and that’s where the magic is made. Cocoa butter and cocoa solids are made after the fermentation, extraction and roasting process. This is how chocolate is formed. The cocoa solids determine how dark the chocolate will look. White chocolates are made entirely of cocoa butter.

The differences between our specialty chocolate and other chocolates you find at local supermarkets are some additives, and chemical solidifiers are added to make the end product. It is because they help with the shelf life and the structure of the surface. A good chocolate will melt under warm temperature. Cocoa solids also tend to be on the bitter side. This is why sweeteners like sugar and milk are often added to make the chocolate tastier. So, while it is sometimes more convenient to get the publicly sold chocolate, it is also good to keep in mind that the actual nature of the cocoa is not being utilized.

The Coffee

Our featured fair trade organic coffee beans are directly grown at altitudes of 1600 to 2000m above sea level. This makes the end product aromatic and delightfully smooth. It usually has a slight tartness and has a long-lasting finish. It works wonders as an espresso but can still be as great as a filter coffee.

Good coffee just like specialty chocolate requires a lot of attention during preparation. This makes you totally in control of what can be added. For a generation of busy people, with tight schedules, coffee is usually the best thing. Some people, though, too jaded to care about how their coffee is made. As long as it's coffee, it would serve its natural purpose. While it is great to mix up your coffee in your little coffee maker or buy your coffee from a dispenser drip in a styrofoam cup and be on your way, it is sometimes good to make an exception. Try the heavenly match and mix our delicious organic drinking chocolate into your coffee. We usually mix the Adoratio Schokoladenkunst 70% artisan drinking chocolate with an espresso. Nothing better than starting the day with a Mocha.

Just like fine wine and cheese, coffee tastes so much better when paired with the right chocolate. Pairing our carefully made coffee and organic chocolate should be your new treat. It would leave your taste buds tingling.

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