Why A Sustainable Use Of Resources And Fair Trade Matters?

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We hear a good deal today about sustainable resources. Many persons fail to stop and give a moment's consideration to the situation in which we find ourselves. After all, many think, our earth is huge and self-sustaining. Even human remains are eventually recycled by Mother Nature and every atom, every particle housed within will eventually become a part of something else.

We're still drinking the same water that Adam and Eve drank. We're still breathing the very same air that the Pharaohs drank in ancient Egypt. What's the fuss all about anyhow?

One example is Brazil, recent site of the 2016 Olympics. This fabulous country is richly endowed with a great many resources, notably, abundant rain forests. These rain forests may belong technically to Brazil, but their effects are worldwide. Yet today, through deforestation, more and more trees fall as loggers clear away more land for other purposes as well as provide wood for the logging industry, a major Brazilian industry. At the rate this is going, experts predict the entire rain forest may be depleted by the end of our century!

These rain forests create precious oxygen that keeps our lungs pumping. We need those trees and that oxygen.

In early days, human populations were much smaller than they are today. Only as recently as 1804 there were approximately one billion humans alive on our earth. Today we're heading for seven billion inhabitants on earth, seven billion humans all needing the same water, the same air and the same nourishment!

At the same time, with so many hungry people inhabiting our planet, our food supplies have continued to deplete, not simply from so many more people who need nourishment, but because of many factors. Deforestation is a big offender as is polluted water that has traditionally been dumped into our lakes and rivers from factories and chemical plants. Air pollution from over-dependence upon wood and coal-burning appliances over many decades has done nothing at all to improve our air quality. The famous, or infamous industrial revolution, has through its very creation and for all the benefits to be derived from these periods, created a murderous life-expectancy over the years. Thousands have died in the past from infectious diseases that spread like wildfire throughout crowded conditions in the multitude of factory towns that had sprung up around huge unsanitary, dangerous factories.

Not only much of our chocolate and coffee come from these regions, but many of the ingredients used in the formulation of modern prescription drugs. (Herbal medicine isn't just confined to health food stores).

It is vital for the entire world to hop onto the bandwagon begun by thoughtful and emphatic peoples whose foresight has made the need for cleaner air, cleaner water and more sustainable and healthful food supplies a watchword for the populations of the world today.

When you drink coffee today or savor a delightful chocolate, you want to know it was not only produced under the best, most sanitary conditions, but that it contains no possibly harmful chemicals or chemical residue. Any thinking adult should also want to know that the hard-working people who cultivate, nourish and carefully pick and pack these products have a right to decent pay for their labors and the right to expect fair treatment when dealing with other countries and businesses.

Fair trade means reaching transparent agreements on the rates of exchange, on the value of products being imported or exported from one country to another.

Although a great many products fall under this canopy, today the coffee and chocolate products we sell are offered as clean, organically grown and carefully prepared products sold only by organizations who adhere to the fair trade practices that today are becoming more and more commonplace.

For your sake and for the sake of the entire world and its ever-growing population, we urge you to remember the benefits go be gained by looking for that organic and fair trade labeled product and to avoid anything from companies that continue to refuse to take in interest in these necessary moves for the sake of the only planet we have.

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