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Pure and aromatic is the flavor of the GEPA organic single origin coffees. The beans for the Arabica highland coffees are sourced from small farms in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua and other traditional coffee regions of the world. The soil and climate of each country gives each of the GEPA organic coffees a unique flavor.

The GEPA rare coffees are a particular highlight for discerning coffee lovers. The beans for these selected specialties come from high altitude coffee locations in the world, such as the highlands of Machu Picchu, Peru or Bunyaruguru, Uganda were coffee is grown at an altitude of 1500 - 1750 meters. Hand picked, sun-dried and naturally fair traded.

Are you ready to discover your personal favorite coffee?

GEPA's mission is Fair Trade and for over 35 years, they have been going new ways as Fair Trade pioneers – serving the interests of their Southern partners. Additionally, they encourage producers to practice organic cultivation and pay them an organic differential for their efforts with the aim to enhance their living conditions and communities.

Your benefit:

  • Quality: high quality organic products since farmers are known
  • Transparency: regarding the ingredients and components of these coffees
  • Your share: as a consumer of fairly traded products you are a member of a world-wide movement for more justice in international trade!
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