Lindt Easter Carrot



The Lindt Easter bunny is reluctant to be satisfied with a small carrot. Therefore, he is looking forward to this mega Lindt carrot. Chocolate lovers harvest this gem mainly because of its delicious inner values. Delightful gift filled with mini-hollow chocolate figures, lollipops and Easter eggs made of alpine milk chocolate. The Easter eggs are filled with nougat cream and brittle. The carrot is approximately 28 cm / 11 inches long.


  • 1 x Mini-Gold Bunny Whole Milk, 10 g / 0.35 oz
  • 5 x Cresta Chocolate Eggs, 11.5 g / 0.40 oz each 
  • 5 x Alpine Milk Chocolate Eggs, each 12.4 g / 0.43 oz

Sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, hazelnuts (6%), lactose, skimmed milk powder, emulsifier: soy lecithin, concentrated butter, barley malt extract, flavoring.

Weight: 154 g (5.40 oz)

This product may contain traces of milk, nuts and soy. Store in a cool dry place and away from the sun, at 18 - 22 degrees Celsius.

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