Lindt Creation - Easter Eggs Eggnog Vanilla



The Lindt Creation Eggnog Vanilla Easter eggs are a delicious chocolate treat. The combination of creamy eggnog and bourbon vanilla truffle wrapped in fine bittersweet chocolate is simply irresistible. The bag contains 8 Easter eggs that are a great addition to your Easter basket. This product contains alcohol.


Sugar, cocoa mass, eggnog, cocoa butter, invert sugar, butterfat, glucose syrup, condensed milk, whole milk powder, cream powder, skimmed milk powder, emulsifier: soy lecithin, alcohol, natural flavoring, vanilla flavoring, vanilla.

Weight: 90 g (3.17 oz)

This product may contain traces of milk, nuts and soy. Store in a cool dry place and away from the sun, at 18 - 22 degrees Celsius.

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