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"I just received my box full of chocolates. It was the first time that I also tried the organic chocolate range. An excellent choice, the ADORATIO hazelnut spread is awessome. I only knew Nutella before. This is my new favourite." -- Katrina, New York, USA

"We ordered some chocolates from you in the last couple of years for Christmas. With your careful packaging and professional service you have made those Christmases very special and unforgettable, for which we are forever thankful. I know it is a bit late, but we would like to let you know how much we appreciate your business. We are looking forward to spend many more Holidays in the presence of your wonderful chocolates". -- Zsolt, Georgia, USA

"Every kid likes surprises and certainly my son Caleb is one of them. During our holiday last year in Toronto he got his first Easter edition of Kinder Surprise and he had been longing for another one. He always watches youtube clips of kids opening these egg chocolates with toys inside. Since the product is not available here in the Philippines, I decided to look online for this year's Easter edition. Then I got to know Chocolate & More Delights and purchased it online. At first, I was worried about the shipment due to previous experiences and secondly about our climate which can affect the chocolates. But the Chocolate & More Delights team did a good job, especially Ina, who provided info and assistance to keep the product safely insulated and ensuring a timely arrival. I received the package on time as per quoted timeline and without delay. When my son saw it, you cannot picture the smile on his face. Thanks to that, my son even handed me the TV remote control to watch my favorite channel which had been our main conflict. LOL. Many thanks to your team, you deserve a 5-star rating. God bless you all." -- Elvin, Batangas, Philippines         

“The Kinder Surprise Egg remained a dream for my 3 year old daughter until I came across Chocolate & More Delights in eBay. Most of the merchants who offer international shipping don’t ship chocolates to my country which is located exactly on the equator due to the tropical climate. I left a message both on eBay and through the Chocolate & More Delights website. The very next day I got a reply for both messages from Ms. Ina (Customer Service) regarding my request. She made arrangements for me so that the country that I’m living in is added to the shipping list. She promptly replied all of my emails without failing and updated me accordingly regarding the availability of the Kinder Surprise eggs and even reserved for me some special / limited editions. The beauty is, I never realised the package had arrived in my city until I received an email from her reminding me. Now my daughter is enjoying fine chocolate with toys from Dresden, Germany. I would like to thank Ms. Ina and Chocolate & More Delights for their effort and excellent customer service to fulfil customers’ needs. Best Wishes!” -- Suresh, Malaysia

"I grew up with Kinder Surprise eggs and Kinder chocolate, and I missed them terribly after moving to the US. That's why I am very glad to have found this store which has a wonderful assortment of Kinder (and other German chocolate) to satisfy my needs. I especially love the Christmas specials. Now I don't have to miss the special Christmas toys from Kinder eggs! The owner is a pleasure to communicate with, the delivery was fast. Thank you!" -- Elena, Nevada, USA

"Our Son's big Christmas wish from Santa was a Kinder surprise egg. Living in the United States there is no where to purchase these so we knew we had to get a little creative. We found Chocolate & More Delights while browsing eBay and the rest is history! They made the whole process easy and enjoyable and we're so great to work with. Ina stayed in touch with us the whole time and she was such a pleasure to work with. The chocolates arrived from Germany to Tennessee in immaculate condition. We couldn't be happier with this experience and we can't wait to surprise our little boy with these special treats on Christmas Day! Thank you guys for being so wonderful to work with. We're a military family so if we're ever stationed in Germany we'll be sure to stop by for a visit!"-- The Fitzgerald Family, Tennessee, USA

"Fantastic Customer Service! My kids love Kinder Surprise Eggs, so I was very excited when I found I could purchase them through Chocolate & More Delights! Unfortunately, the package was delayed through customs for quite a while and someone broke into the package and stole some of the eggs. I let the good people at Chocolate & More Delights know what had happened. Their response was fantastic. They walked me through the process on how to file a claim, even though the loss was not their fault. I ordered a replacement egg, and when the package came, they sent a bunch of extra goodies as an apology for the experience, which again was not their fault. I can't give them a high enough recommendation for turning an unfortunate circumstance into such a positive experience. I have just placed my Christmas order with them and intend to use them for all my Kinder needs in the future." -- A Very Happy Mom, California, USA

"I would always watch the food channels and see the German confectioners make sweets and chocolates that look oh so delicious.  And just wish I could pouch my hand through the television and pick them up and eat them. When I became aware of Chocolate & More Delights I was …well delighted. My favourite so far of all the sweets is the Gingerbread Confectionery Kirsch Harmonie, and the Stollen Confectionery."-- Steve Cox , St. Michael, Barbados

"I tried, the Nudossi - Hazelnut spread,  and the Chokeberry Hearts - Aronia Herzen and Loooooved it! The Aronia Herzen are decadent, rich chocolates with chokeberries we had this with a side of grapes, feta and crackers just delicious, and the Nudossi was perfect on some vanilla pound cake." -- Miasha, Barbados

"I cant' get enough of the Stollen Confectionery and the Aronia Herzen, just wonderfully delicious. My friends loved the sweets and Chocolate & More Delights was kind enough to put together a custom order for us and ship it to the Caribbean."-- Beverly, Barbados



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