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Chocolate & More Delights About Us

Chocolate & More Delights is a online store for chocolate lovers that not only offers the best German and Swiss chocolate brands, but also a variety of artisan, organic and fair trade products. These chocolate treats are manufactured in Germany by chocolatiers, who embrace traditional skills and select the finest ingredients for you to enjoy in a wide variety of sweet delights. German chocolate manufacturers are creating some of the most known chocolate brands and products. If you wonder where to buy delicious German chocolate online then search no longer. 

Fun fact, did you know that chocolate was invented in our hometown Dresden, Germany in 1823? Jordan & Timaeus founded the first German "Chocolate and Chicorium Factory" and that was the start for the later famed Dresden confectionery and luxury foods industry, which also produced Swiss milk chocolate. 

We love chocolate and for us a daily dose of it is necessary. In fact, we could not start the day without it. There is so much more to chocolate than the pure indulgence of it. It often brings back sweet childhood memories or it gives you the feeling of home when you travel abroad. We are sure you can recall a few of those moments yourself. Perhaps you create new traditions and memories that involve chocolate in your families during the holiday season. Isn't unwrapping your favorite chocolate bar the best feeling in the world? 

Our passion for chocolate inspired us to establish this company in Dresden, Germany and we extend an invitation for you to share our enthusiasm and fall in love with chocolate and our collection of mugs and sweet apparel. Sharing or gifting chocolate to a loved one, family or friends are the moments we enjoy most and we are on a mission to make people happy around the world with our chocolate deliveries. Creating happy moments with chocolate is what we do. We are a family-owned and operated business. 

Enjoy your journey through our world of German chocolate and sweet delights. We deliver worldwide. Thanks for stopping by.