About Us

Chocolate & More Delights Team

Our passion for chocolate inspired us to establish this company in 2012 with the goals to support local community and promote German chocolate producers worldwide, while continuing to celebrate traditional craftsmanship.

​​In 1823 the first German “Chocolate and Chicorium Factory” was founded by Jordan & Timaeus, setting the path for the famed Dresden confectionery and luxury foods industry which also produced Swiss milk chocolate. The world's first milk chocolate was made in 1839 and Dresden soon became the world's center of chocolate production.​ The company produced a variety of chocolate products including chocolate bars, drinking chocolate and dessert chocolate and achieved equally great success in Germany and abroad. 

Who would have thought that chocolate is actually a Dresden invention?

We are following the historic footsteps and feature chocolate products that are manufactured in  Dresden and other parts of Germany by chocolatiers who embrace traditional skills and select the finest ingredients for you to enjoy in a wide variety of sweet delights. From artisan chocolate to fair trade products we cover it all. Moreover, we carry a selected variety of popular German and Swiss chocolate brands (Kinder, Ferrero, Ritter Sport, Lindt & Milka) due to popular demand.

We hope you enjoy your culinary journey through our world of chocolate and sweet delights. We deliver worldwide.

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