Artisan Chocolate Bars & Barks

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Artisan chocolate bars and barks - 100% natural and hand-made in Germany. Wild fruits, roasted nuts and fine spices blended with dark, white and milk chocolate are a delight for any chocolate lover. Enjoy the magic of the finest ingredients and fair traded cocoa, which our chocolatiers refine to create exciting compositions by hand. We hope you enjoy this artisan chocolate collection as much as we do.

​ADORATIO Schokoladenkunst specialises in high quality artisan chocolates and emphasises on a traditional production. As a result all of the artisan chocolates are organic and free from preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavorings, flavor enhancers, stabilisers, artificial vitamins and minerals, and synthetic sweeteners. The high quality cocoa is the main ingredient in these delectable chocolates.

Made in Germany