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Whether you are a chocolate enthusiast or professional chocolatier couverture chocolate is one essential item needed in your kitchen for the creation of fine cakes, delicious chocolates or pralines. Couverture chocolate is a very high quality chocolate that contains a higher percentage of cocoa butter than regular chocolate. The high cocoa butter content of 31% to 39% ensures that the chocolate is more fluid when melted and that is why it is typically used for tempering. Moreover couverture chocolate is ground to a finer texture during the production process resulting in superior flavor. Couverture chocolate is the preferred chocolate for the production of fine chocolates, pralines or enrobing truffles and other fine candies by professionals. Our featured brands include Weinricht's 1895, Lubeca, Barry Callebaut, Pacari, Vivani and Valrhona.

WEINRICH is a German chocolate maker that produces the finest chocolates since 1895. The family business is now in its fourth generation and has been dedicated to chocolate-making for 125 years. The company embraces tradition and innovation to produce refined chocolate products for our moments of pleasure. 

LUBECA is another German chocolate maker with a long tradition. The company was founded in 1905 and since then produces fine chocolate products for chocolatiers, patisseries and bakeries. The couverture chocolates are all made using specially selected premium cocoa varieties and a close co-operation with the cocoa farmers. The company is well-known for their incredible smooth feel and high shine.

BARRY CALLEBAUT is among the world's largest cocoa processors and chocolate manufacturers. Using only the finest ingredients, Callebaut has been crafting its famous chocolate in the heart of Belgium for more than 100 years. A favorite for chefs and chocolatiers to create tasty delights. 

VALRHONA is a French premium chocolate manufacturer and has been producing some of the world's finest chocolates since 1922. Over the years Valrhona has created a range of unique and recognizable aromatic profiles and leading Pastry Chefs and discerning gourmets rely on Valrhona’s expertise to experience the best that chocolate can be.

VIVANI was founded in Germany in 2000. What started small has now grown into a globally popular chocolate brand that stands for sustainability, enjoyment and a touch of art in over 50 countries around the world. As different as the cultures, languages and preferences may be, the desire for chocolate is always a common denominator that unites connoisseurs from all over the world.

PACARI means nature in Quechua, an Andean indigenous language. The company was founded in 2002 and resembles Ecuador. The family owned business is a bean-to-bar organic chocolate manufacturer. It operates out of Ecuador and ensures a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable production. PACARI Chocolate is the first chocolate company in the world to receive a biodynamic certification from Demeter International. Moreover, the company has won 300 international awards thus far for their exceptional quality and taste. Truly one of the best chocolates in the world.  

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