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Chocolate Tempering - Chocolate & More Delights

Have you ever wondered how people heat up chocolate? Well, it's not as hard as it seems. You just have to follow the procedures to get the desired result. When you want to produce chocolate in a solid form that is covered with a fruity cream or ganache filling, you have to use the couverture chocolate. The couverture will add a nice, appetizing and inviting shine. It will also add a pleasant snap when you take a bite and give the chocolate a smooth texture that has no graininess. If you should use the plain chocolate, the end product of your chocolate may be cracky and waxy. It may not even look polished. If you are someone that wants to make chocolates regularly, you should endeavor to get a chocolate thermometer. They are not expensive, and they will help you to temper your chocolate accurately without stress.

Chocolate Tempering

The first step is to chop the chocolate as evenly as possible and put just about 2/3 of the total quantity into your heatproof bowl or a Bain-Marie. Heat some amount of water say, 5 cm, in a small pan and just pop the heatproof bowl or Bain-Marie on the pan (make sure the bottom of the heatproof bowl doesn't come into contact with the water). Allow your chocolate to melt gradually. Once it turns to liquid, take out the heat and remove the bowl or Bain-Marie from the small pan as you wrap a neat towel around the base for warmth.

After adding the remaining chocolate from the ones you chopped earlier, use the chocolate thermometer to stir it until it gets to 31 or 32 C (87 - 90 F) for a dark-colored chocolate, 30 to 32 C equivalent to about 87 F for the milky chocolate, and 27 to 28 C (80 - 83 F) for the white chocolate. This will take a short while. After all these steps are completed, it should be ready for your chocolate production.

Microwave Tempering for Busy People

This method is mainly for anyone with many jobs at hand, children or pets to look after, a train to catch, or just anything that takes a lot of time. Start by popping up the chocolate (already chopped) in a microwaveable container( glass or plastic bowl) and melt it at about 900W. Keep checking it every 14 seconds and ensure that it doesn't get overheated. When your chocolate seems to have melted out (with small bits of bubbling on top of it), remove the chocolate from the microwave and stir gently. Stir until it gets smooth. With this stirring, it should get thick and is ready for consumption.

Bonus Tip

Anytime you want to use your kitchen, make sure that the area is ventilated. Also, clean all your utensils before and after use. It doesn't matter what you're preparing in the kitchen. Always make sure it is clean and safe. If you prefer to shop for chocolate rather than making it, visit our store for a great selection of German and Swiss chocolates.

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