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Gingerbread (Lebkuchen) and Dresdner Stollen® are classics amongst all German Christmas pastries and should not be missed during the festive Christmas season. The history of Dresdner Stollen® dates back to the 14th century where this delicious fruit cake was first presented to the Saxon Royal Court.​ Selected ingredients such as butter, sultanas and the highest quality of spices form the basis of the original Dresdner Stollen® which is produced in our beautiful city of Dresden and distinguished by a special seal depicting King Augustus II the Strong. This label stands for the highest quality and an old baking tradition. Dresdner Stollen® is an incomparable treat for your Christmas holidays.

​Gingerbread cookies are another traditional Christmas pastry. It is baked in different shapes and forms for the Christmas and winter season. Wicklein Lebkuchen is the leading brand for original gingerbread cookies from Nuremberg and well-known across the globe. Wicklein gingerbread is famous for its unique flavour and the company still follows its traditional recipes.

This collection is only available from September till December.

Made in Germany