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Chocolate lovers wishing to taste fine chocolate flavors from around the world will enjoy the HACHEZ and HEILEMANN Single Origin premium chocolates.

Hachez has a long tradition of chocolate making and was established in 1890 by Joseph E. Hachez, who refined superior cocoa from South America following a simple recipe: roasting cocoa batch by batch, conching it meticulously and using natural ingredients.

Confiserie Heilemann is well known for their production of handcrafted pralines and superior chocolates. The company creates exquisite chocolates since 1955 and their products are also free from preservatives, artificial flavours and aromas. 

Cacao naturally contains almost 300 different flavors and 400 separate aromas and the Hachez and Heilemannn chocolatiers preserve these fine flavors by adhering to their traditional recipe and the use of an intelligent production process. Enjoy these delicate chocolate compositions made in Germany.

The collection features fine flavour cocoas from Papua New Guinea, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Grenada, Madagascar, Sao Tome and Vietnam.

Made in Germany