How To Plant Trees With One Dollar

How To Plant A Tree With One Dollar - Chocolate & More Delights

The year is coming to an end and we are excited to tell you that we have planted over 100 trees this holiday season thanks to your donations. How much would it cost to plant a tree? How about $1? Yes, our friends at One Tree Planted can still plant trees for just 1 USD and here is how. 

Planting Trees With 1 USD

Every One Tree Planted project starts with a detailed proposal from a local planting partner, which lays out where, why and how the trees are being planted. This goes through many steps of review before a single seedling goes in the ground. Every project has a budget, which breaks down the primary costs that are covered by One Tree Planted. At a glance, these are:

  • Seed/seedlings (typically $0.30 to $0.80 per tree)
  • Site preparation & planting (typically $0.20 to $0.50 per tree)
  • Equipment & materials (typically $0.05 to $0.20 per tree)
  • Site monitoring & maintenance for 3 years (typically $0.30 to $1 per tree)

These costs vary greatly depending on the type of project and location — and often, the total budget required will be more than $1 per tree. This is where One Tree Planted works with the local planting partner to determine where the funds will have the most impact. Sometimes, the partner will already have some of the required resources covered — for example, landholders who are willing to let them plant on their land and help out with site preparation and maintenance; or a volunteer network that can help out with planting labor.

Typically, One Tree Planted will cover the cost of the seed/seedlings at a minimum, plus everything else that they can cover within their model. When One Tree Planted can’t fund absolutely everything that’s required for a successful tree planting project, they use a blended finance model to ensure success.

Many of One Tree Planted's projects involve blended financing, where the organization combines resources with other funders to make a bigger impact at scale. This helps ensure that the funds that One Tree Planted contributes go directly towards planting trees, and enables their on-the-ground partners to get additional support for other costs, or to support complementary activities.

One Tree Planted's objective is to scale up reforestation and get more trees planted, and to share these incredible projects with the world so that they can continue growing their impact and reach. You can rest assured knowing that your donations will always go directly towards restoring healthy and thriving forests and trees — and that every $1 is attributed to one tree planted. 

Projects Funded By Our Store Donations

Our store donations to One Tree Planted benefit reforestation projects in Guatemala. The Central American country south of Mexico is not only home to ancient Mayan cites, volcanoes and lush rainforests, but also to 'cacao fino de aroma', a classification used by the International Cocoa Organisation (ICCO) to describe exquisite aroma and flavor of cacao. In other words, Guatemala produces one of the best cocoa beans in the world. There are around 250,000 mostly smallholder farmers that grow cacao in Guatemala, most of whom are organized into cooperatives or associations. There are two cocoa growing  regions in the country: the Northern region include Petén, Alta Verapaz, Quiché, and Izabal; and the Southern region encompass Escuintla, Retalhuleu, Quetzaltenango, Suchitepéquez, and San Marcos.

Reforestation in Guatemala - One Tree Planted

Reforestation In Guatemala

The conservation efforts involve the reforestation of the southwest coast of Guatemala in the departments of Suchitepéquez, Retalhuleu and San Marcos. One Tree Planted states that mangrove forests and landscapes along the pacific coastal marine zone are essential to regional environmental stability and vital to the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of coastal people who earn a living through fishing, tourism, and farming. 

Unfortunately, coastal landscapes and mangroves including the Manchón Guamuchal Nature Reserve are threatened by harmful activities on coastal land such as illegal logging and deforestation in watershed regions, solid and liquid waste pollution, and unnatural diversion dams that cause unbalanced hydrological conditions leading to a consistent deterioration of the mangrove ecosystem.

To overcome these challenges, this project proposes to plant and monitor the growth of 1,330,000 mangrove and broadleaf tree species to restore 1,025 hectares within the mangrove ecosystem of Guatemala over the next four years (December 2021-November 2025). Throughout 2021, One Tree Planted established a solid foundation to build off as well as a baseline for measuring impact through planting 125,000 mangrove trees to restore 62 hectares. Over the next four years, One Tree Planted will increase the number of mangroves planted within the Manchón Guamuchal mangrove forest as well as expand planting activities to include planting broadleaf tree species in local farms and watershed areas surrounding the mangrove ecosystem.  

One of the ecological benefits is, for example, improved climate stability through carbon capture: mangroves and broadleaf trees act as carbon reservoirs and planting them will expand blue carbon sinks as they absorb carbon dioxide and store carbon. This protects coastal regions against extreme weather patterns, such as floods, tropical storms, and hurricanes.

To learn more about One Tree Planted and other amazing projects, click here.

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Written in co-operation with Meaghan Weeden, Sr. Content Manager of

Source: Project, photo and model content were provided directly by One Tree Planted. 


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