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The Best Advent Calendars This Christmas

It is this time of the year once again. Christmas is just around the corner, and now is the perfect time to start thinking about gifts for friends and family. If you want to get them something special, then why not consider buying them an advent calendar? These Advent calendars will make December a lot more fun!


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Ruby Chocolate - A New Variety Conquers The Chocolate World

A new chocolate trend emerged last year, as a result of Barry Callebaut's ruby chocolate introduction in 2017. Ruby chocolate is called the fourth type of chocolate alongside milk, dark and white chocolate. An accidental discovery lead to a new colorful trend in the chocolate world. Read on to learn more.
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Chocolate for Chocolate Lovers!

Hello Chocolate Lovers,

Welcome to our first blog! 

We had a busy summer thus far and are excited to have our new website up and running. After three years in operation we thought it was time for a change.

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