10 Fun Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For Your Family

Easter Eggs Hunt - Chocolate & More Delights

The Easter egg hunt tradition is an old annual tradition and it is very vital to make it as exciting as possible. So, it doesn’t become a boring holiday ritual. If the egg hunts are interesting enough it gives your family, especially the kids something to look forward to in the upcoming Easter holidays.

Here are 10 fun Easter egg hunt ideas for your family.

1. Dressing in your Easter Best

Hide outlandish outfits for each family member to wear and ask them to find the one for them. They are to wear every piece of outfit and accessory hidden for them. Create a makeshift photo booth with a table cloth and everyone can take turns taking pictures with their outfits.

2. Follow that Bunny

Wrap some candies, cut-out bunny footprints or plastic egg and create a bunny trail for your family members to follow. From their bedrooms to the Easter basket.

3. Scavenger Hunt

In this scavenger hunt, each family member is given different types of items to hunt for. When the list has been completed, they are given a final clue that leads to their Easter basket.

4. Alphabet Eggs

Create alphabet eggs for everybody to find. After which the children would assemble the letters in the right order, to redeem their baskets. It is great for kids learning alphabets and fun for the older ones.

 5. Personalized Eggs

In this Easter egg hunt idea, each person has to find the specific egg color that has their initials on it. It allows you to give out gifts and special treats according to their personal interest.

 6. The Bunny Treasure Map

 Draw a map with clues that lead to their Easter basket treats cut into small pieces and hide around the house for them to find and put together. They are going to assemble pieces of the map to find the hiding spot of the prizes.

 7. String Fling

Make a big web using strings, twine or yarn around the house. Family members must follow it from the beginning as it wraps around different corners and furniture to the end till it gets to the Easter basket.

 8. The Easter Bunny Left Clues

Write clues on cut out papers and put on each egg. Let the clues from the Easter bunny take them from one egg to the other till they get to the Easter basket.

9. The Classic Easter Egg Hunt

You can host an old-fashioned Easter egg hunt outside. Hide treats and chocolate eggs on trees, bushes and even fences. This is our favourite and we count on good weather to continue our very own tradition.

 10. Cookie Chase

Bake or buy and decorate Easter themed cookies, package them separately and hide around the house. When all the cookies have been found, enjoy a new Easter ritual of milk and cookies breakfast.

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