5 Clever And Cute Ways To Use Chocolate At Christmas

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It is that time of year once again. The air is cooling, the leaves are changing, and Christmas is right around the corner. You are preparing for the hustle and bustle and looking for ways to make this year a little easier. You do not need to break the bank to do it or order something creative off those expensive craft sites. Listed below are 5 wonderful chocolate hacks you can use to spread your own holiday cheer this Christmas season.

 1. The Chocolate Bar

 No, I am not talking about the ones in the checkout aisle at your local grocery store. This Chocolate Bar is entertaining and perfect for those huge Christmas parties. Use mason jars and fill them with various types of chocolates and candies, from delicious organic drinking chocolate to coffee to your favorite peppermint sticks. Then, when you pass out those delicious mugs of hot chocolate, send all your guests over to the candy bar! They can mix in their own favorites and come up with something special. It is fun and different. You can even make it a party game if you like! Ask a few guest to be judges and then have all the other guest make up their own concoctions. Give prizes for best flavor, trendiest idea, and most unique mixture. It will rock the jingle bells off of everyone!

 2. Chocolate Spoons

This is a great chocolate gift when you have a lot of neighbors or family and you are looking to hand out something small. Pick your favorite chocolate (May I suggest freshly made?), melt onto red or green spoons, wrap in plastic and a small ribbon and voila. You can leave the spoons plain or add interesting things like red and green sprinkles or edible confetti. Everyone will love them and you will be the talk of the town. If you do not like the idea of handing out spoons, find a small Christmas mold you like and fill those instead. The concept is the same and it is guaranteed to be appreciated no matter what.

 3. Snowman Candy Bars

This is a great chocolate craft you can do with children. Then you can either use them as gifts or keep them! You start with chocolate bars, either store bought or handmade. Then you pull out white construction paper (and a few other colors for snowman clothes), some crayons and markers, and some tape or glue. Wrap your white construction paper around the chocolate bar (cut and tape it to fit), then let your children or friends decorate them with a face a scarf and that famous carrot nose. Kids will love making them and parents will love getting them.

 4. Box Of Chocolate

This is a oldie but definitely a goodie. I have yet to find a person who says "I'm sorry. I really resent getting this box of delicious chocolate. Take it back" It does not happen. If you are worried, opt out of buying the prepackaged chocolates from the store. They are not that great anyway. Instead, go for organic, handmade chocolate. It is a little pricier but it is definitely worth it. If you're crafty, try making your own box to house the chocolate. If you cook, buy chocolate and make special chocolate candies full of things you know that the person getting the chocolates enjoys. Chocolate is a universal "I love you" and the more heart and thought you put into how you give it, the more it will be enjoyed.

 5. Hot Chocolate On A Stick

This is definitely the easiest Christmas hack using chocolate out there. Seriously, it does not take much. Start with kabob skewers, add a chocolate of your choosing, and finish with a marshmallow. That is it. Naturally, there are ways to give this idea some oomph. Dipping the whole thing in chocolate to finish would be fabulous but they do come out really nice with just the chocolate and the marshmallow. Try it for a party, use them to mix hot chocolate, or maybe even leave them out for Santa himself. He might enjoy them.

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