5 Gift Ideas For Mother's Day


Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Chocolate & More Delights

The celebration of Mother's Day began in the United States in the early 20th century. The purpose of this special day was to honor mother's of the family, motherhood as well as their influence in society. Mother's Day is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in March or May.

We are only three weeks away and it is time to think about gift ideas. Here is our top five list of Mother's Day gifts that will delight your mothers.

1. Chocolate

This will always be our number one choice. You can never be wrong with a delicious box of chocolate, unless your mom doesn't eat chocolate. Perhaps now is a good idea to put on your investigator hat and inquire what mom's favourite chocolate flavours are. Our store carries a wide range of chocolates from milk, dark to white chocolate with or without fruits and nuts. Additionally, you can choose between organic, single origin chocolate or popular brands. Surprise your mom with a unique selection.

2. Flowers

A bouquet of flowers is always a safe choice and probably the most popular gift for Mother's Day. Flowers light up any room and usually put a smile on the receiver's face. No matter what kind of flowers you are going to get, your mom will surely love it. Some flower shops offer subscriptions and deliver flowers on a regular basis. This could be an added surprise.

3. Restaurant Invitation

Inviting your mom to her favourite restaurant for lunch or afternoon coffee could be a great opportunity to exchange the latest news or taking a walk down memory lane.

4. Breakfast in Bed / Homemade Cake

What could be better than having breakfast in bed on Mother's Day? A tray with a  fresh cup of coffee, a glass of orange juice, pastry and maybe some flowers delivered to your bedroom in the morning to kick start the day. And in the afternoon homemade cookies and cakes to create a Mother's Day full of happiness. If the children are small, just send dad to the kitchen to ensure everything works.

5. Time & Attention

The most precious gift you can give to your mother is the gift of time and attention. If you haven't visited your mother or your parents for some time, then drive over and  surprise her with some flowers, chocolate or a homemade cake. Mothers particularly enjoy visits from their adult children, especially if she sees you only sporadically. Spend a nice day or afternoon together and talk to each other. We are all wrapped up in work and other activities and making time for our mothers / parents will be much appreciated.

We hope we gave you some good ideas. We are curious to know what your choice was. 

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