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For the curious mind we have compiled a list of our favorite chocolate books. Exploring the world of chocolate is as much fun as eating it. We are always interested in learning something new and these books walk you through the history of cocoa, its production and its transformation into delicious edible chocolate. A variety of chocolate recipes are included, also Paleo and gluten free. Have a chocolate while reading. Visit our store for more.  

A New Taste of Chocolate: A Cultural & Natural History of Cacao with Recipes
by Maricel E. Presilla 2010

More than two hundred years ago, the great Swedish botanist Carolus Linnaeus christened the cacao tree Theobroma cacao, "food-of-the-gods cacao." Truly, chocolate is the closest thing we mortals have to ambrosia. But not all chocolate is created equal, a fact we instinctively know when we bite into an exceptional piece of chocolate. What qualities set artisanal chocolate apart from mass-marketed brands? This book also includes a new collection of Maricel Presilla's savory recipes plus sweet contributions from internationally renowned pastry chefs and chocolatiers. Find out more - VIEW BOOK.

Naked Chocolate: Uncovering the Astonishing Truth About the Worlds Greatest Food 

by David Wolfe & Shazzie 2007

With the mission to "lay naked before the world the true meaning of chocolate," David Wolfe and Shazzie present a spirited and unconventional history, "materia medica, " and recipe book for the world's most pleasurable food: chocolate. This book describes the wonders of cacao-where it comes from, how it is processed, its three varieties, and its origins and role in pre-Columbian cultures of the Americas.​ Find out more - VIEW BOOK.

Raw Chocolate
by Matthew Kenney & Meredith Baird  2012

Now you can enjoy one of the great tastes and textures in raw-raw chocolate. Raw chocolate can be made without a lot of fuss and with great results. This book features truffles, fudge, buttercups, fruit, smoothies, bonbons, and more. With cacao beans and health-promoting ingredients like goji berries and maca, raw chocolate is even healthy for you! If you like cooking with chocolate then this book is for you. Find out more -  VIEW BOOK.

The Paleo Chocolate Lovers Cookbook
by Kelly Brozyna & Elana Amsterdam 2013

This cookbook features 80 gluten-, grain-, and dairy-free recipes for the health-conscious chocolate lover for breakfast and dessert. Kelly Brozyna, host of the delightful cooking blog, The Spunky Coconut, has created delicious chocolate treats made with coconut and ground nut flours for both breakfast and dessert. And, using dates and small amounts of the herbal sweetener stevia in these nutrient-dense baked goods, she shows you how to keep the honey and coconut sugar to a minimum. Find out more - VIEW BOOK.

The Chocolate Therapist: A User's Guide to the Extraordinary Health Benefits of Chocolate 

by Julie Pech 2010

Take advantage of the health benefits of chocolate with this informative guide Dark chocolate sales are on the rise as people embrace the concept that chocolate can truly be good for them. But how do they know "what to eat, how much, and which kinds are the best?" "The Chocolate Therapist" answers these questions and more. This book has everything a person needs to know to select the best chocolate for health. Both informative and entertaining, it includes alphabetized ailments, each with a chocolate recommendation, followed by supporting research as to how and why it helps the body. "The Chocolate Therapist" also includes a collection of chocolate necessities. Find out more - VIEW BOOK.


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