How To Ship Chocolate Safely Around The World

Shipping Chocolate Around The World - Chocolate & More Delights

We have sent chocolates and seasonal goodies to family and friends around the world long before we had opened our online store. Surprising someone with an unexpected box of chocolate gives great joy to us. Many customers are not aware of how difficult it is to send chocolate and make sure it arrives in perfect condition. Sending chocolate during the colder months of the year is certainly not a problem. Colder weather has positive implications as it means colder shipping temperatures, which makes it easier to maintain favorable temperatures while packages are in transit.

However, the moment spring rolls around and the temperatures rise we all have to start watching weather forecasts, for destinations we are shipping to judging whether or not extra protection is needed to keep the chocolates safe during transit. Some of our customers order from one part of the world and have it delivered to another. Ensuring a safe arrival wherever our chocolates go to is of utmost importance to us. 

Shipping Chocolate During Summer

While we cannot control the transport, we can control the packing and the dispatch. Chocolate is highly sensitive to temperature changes. When the temperature rises above 29 C / 85 F it becomes mission critical as chocolates are likely to melt or loose its shape. When parcels are heading into warm weather destinations that are thousands of miles away it is a real challenge.

Although speed is of the essence when everyone expects deliveries like Amazon, we rather focus on the arrival of flawless products at your door. For those of you who are unaware, we are based in Germany and thus your chocolate goodies have a long journey ahead. Therefore, we may delay the dispatch of parcels during summer, if the weather forecast is not in favor of a successful delivery. Moreover, we use additional insulating material to prevent heat from reaching the chocolate inside the package. If summer temperatures reach above 25 C / 76 F we typically suspend or delay shipping. Deliveries to warm weather destinations are usually restricted to only certain months of the year or only dispatched Express.

Packaging Our Chocolates

Our packaging team are the stars behind the scenes. They carefully decide how to pack your chocolates most securely. We are frequently praised about our packing skills and we are always happy to receive such positive feedbackWhen preparing to ship chocolate products, we make sure we have all the required materials to provide sufficient protection. Our packaging peanuts are 100% organic and biodegradable. They are made of corn or potato starch and they literally dissolve in water. Try it out next time you receive one of our packages. The packaging peanuts are also quite fun to use for arts and crafts projects. If you have children they will be happy to play with them. 

You see our process of shipping chocolates is smooth and drama-free. All packages are also insured, in case something happens during transport. Are you ready to get some chocolate for yourself or surprise your loved ones with a box of candy? We happily send it for you. Check out our collection of delicious German chocolates.

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