Why Women Crave Chocolate More Than Men

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The ladies are more likely to opt for chocolate than male folks. We all seem to know that much, but do we know why? Is there a particular reason women crave chocolate more than men? This love for chocolates, can it really pass as a craving for chocolate? Let’s start by understanding what chocolate craving really means.

What Does Chocolate Craving Mean?

Chocolate Use; Chocolate Preference; Chocolate Liking; Chocolate Craving; these are four terms Paul Rozin of the Psychology Department, University of Pennsylvania uses to describe degrees of chocolate taste. Chocolate craving, according to him “would seem to be a special case of liking, which is particularly intense, motivates behavior aimed at gaining the craved substance, and is periodic.” Talk of periodic; a major suspect for chocolate cravings in women is menstrual cycles. 

A Case For Premenstrual Cravings

Female reproductive hormones, Estrogen and Progesterone may be responsible for more women craving chocolate than men. These hormones are vital in women’s menstrual cycles leading to physical and more commonly psychological changes during their periods. It is normal to see women get more emotional in these periods. Shortly before and during menstruation, many women show moderate signs of depression with common symptoms like oversensitivity, mood swings, insomnia and food craving; this is where chocolate cravings come in. There’s no clear reason why it has to be chocolate. There’s, however, a strong link with depression and chocolate; people tend to snack on chocolates when they need to feel good. And it works, chocolate has a number of active flavonoids which induces positive effects on the mood. So it’s not just a widely held social view.

Social Effect: A Girl’s Chocolate

Our society has come to accept that women [should] crave chocolate more than men. This, more than anything else, has encouraged the trend. A young girl deems it normal to want more chocolate than her male peers. This likeness grows into a preference and ultimately a habit of chocolate cravings.

The Verdict

Until more definitive studies are carried out, the reason why women crave chocolates will largely be based on speculations. However, existing facts suggest that the reason will be a mix of hormones, genes and social nurture. In case you didn't know eating chocolate makes you smarter as well. So it's probably best to enjoy a bar of chocolate right now.

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