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You cannot talk about Kinder chocolate without talking about the Kinder brand. This is a brand that was built more than four decades ago by a famous entrepreneur and pastry chef, Michele Ferrero, in Alba Italy. He was the son of  chocolatier, Pietro Ferrero Senior, who founded Ferrero in 1946 and invented Nutella. Michele Ferrero had a childhood dream: to make chocolate that was made especially for children and for all those young at heart, no matter the age. The result was a unique creation based on family values and thus Kinder chocolate was born.

Over the years, Kinder products have been enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Although it had a humble beginning, it has spread to all parts of the world, being recognized for its quality, variety and creative products. Here are ten facts about Kinder chocolate:

  1. While the Germans discovered Italy as a holiday destination in the 1950s, Michele Ferrero went up north to Germany to open his first chocolate factory outside Italy in 1956. Kinder chocolate was first introduced to the German market in 1968 and quickly hit the Italian market that same year before spreading to other countries in the Mediterranean region. The chocolate is still being produced in Germany and Italy.
  2. Kinder chocolate combines three things that children like all in one product - chocolate, games and discovery of new things. One of its products, Kinder Surprise, offers all three in the hollow milk chocolate that has a capsule containing a toy. As kids enjoy the chocolate they will discover a new toy, one that they can build, play, and have great fun with.
  3. Kinder initially targeted children but adults have come to like its products along the way. Kinder is a German word meaning children. The founder of the Kinder brand was targeting children and that is why he choose the word - to clearly describes the target market. However, it has grown to be a brand that makes products which are universally liked by adults and kids alike.
  4. Kinder was initially meant for the German market but has now spread to all parts of the world.
  5. Kinder aims to support parents in bringing up children who are happy, and this is the reason why they make products which bring fun and enjoyment to children’s lives. Kinder products enhance happy moments in children’s lives, ensuring good growth and development for kids.
  6. Kinder has a variety of products including: Kinder Bueno, which is a set of chocolate wafer bars with hazelnut cream; Kinder Surprise; Kinder Joy; Happy Hippos; Kinder Delice; Kinder Pingui; Milk Bites; Country Crisp; and Kinder Maxi, among others.
  7. The Kinder Happy Hippo biscuit design is based on a popular toy that was included in many Kinder Surprise chocolates, designed by Andre Roche of Ferrero Chocolates.
  8. Kinder chocolate candy bars boosts mood. It helps in the production of hormones which make children happy and keep them in a good mood. This effect is almost instantaneous as just the smell of chocolate can trigger the production of the hormone leading to happiness and good moods.
  9. Kinder chocolate has been changing over the years, to be in line with changes in tastes. However, the product quality has remained the same.
  10. Kinder Chocolate can be eaten anytime of day. Whether you want to enjoy it in the morning, afternoon, or evening, it has no limits – it is an anytime flavor!

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