10 Good Reasons To Buy German Chocolate

Chocolate Bar with Nuts and Cinnamon Sticks

Chocolate...Who doesn't love it? Despite it being the world's favorite snack many people rarely venture away from their usual brands. It's time to try something new. It's time my friends, to buy some German chocolate.

We are following in the historic footsteps of chocolatiers here in Germany and can't wait to share with you these 10 reasons why you should buy German chocolate.

Let's get to it!

1. Germany invented chocolate

It's not just great cars and good beer Germany is known for. Did you know that Swiss chocolate was actually invented in Dresden, Germany? 

2. It's an important part of German culture

Germany is second in the world (just slightly behind Switzerland) when it comes to the highest annual chocolate consumption.

Competition in the German chocolate industry is high, meaning the quality is exceptional!

We LOVE chocolate, it plays a key role in celebrations, festivals, and our hospitality culture. 

3. Germany is renowned for having some of the best chocolate in the world

Despite neighboring countries like Switzerland, Austria, and Holland having a very high-quality chocolate, we have been consistently voted as having the best chocolate in the world. 

4. There are lots of German chocolate varieties

Sarotti, Trumpf, Alpia, Hachez and Ritter Sport all are international brands of chocolate that were invented in Germany! 

We are also known for our specialty chocolates such as Alpen Milchschokolade: a unique milk chocolate, in which the milk contained in the chocolate comes from farms in and around the Alps region. 

We mix our chocolate with fruit, nuts, and just about anything else you can think of. 

5. Germany has a long history of making chocolate

Germany stands among the top chocolate producing nations in the world. We now also import cocoa beans from eight different places around the globe to ensure we always get the best quality bean to make the best quality chocolate. 

6. Chocolate makes you smarter

Now here's a piece of research you should be interested in! Science has proven that eating chocolate can actually stimulate your brain and help you carry out tasks more effectively.

7. It makes a great, fun, gift

Who would say no to German chocolate? It makes the perfect gift...though it won't last long!

8. American chocolate just doesn't cut it

Brands like Hershey's have come under a lot of international criticism for... well... tasting so bad.

Many visitors to America are often disappointed with the quality of chocolate. That's because once you've tasted the goodness of German chocolate you can never go back to sub-par brands.

9. German chocolate can be shipped worldwide

Thanks to the modern world we live in, you don't need to be in Germany to enjoy our awesome chocolate. 

We are are here to take care of your chocolate cravings. Many people receive chocolate care packages from Germany when living overseas because you just can't beat our original taste.

10. Our German chocolate is organic

Last, but certainly not least, we offer a wide range of organic chocolate so you can enjoy your favorite treat with all the goodness it is intended to have. 

Are you ready to buy German chocolate?

If this post has left your mouth watering and you are ready to buy German chocolate you can check out our catalog here.

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