5 Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas - Chocolate & More Delights

Christmas is an ideal season to show love to others. You can show your family and friends that you care by presenting them with beautifully and creatively wrapped gifts. A chocolate bar that is beautifully wrapped can impress the receiver. Most of these creative wrapping styles are simple and can be carried out by anyone. You can learn these amazing wrapping ideas and use it to cheer people up during the festive period. Attaching colorful ribbons, ornaments, glittery objects, large buttons, leaves and other adornments to your Christmas gift wrappings can make the packages attractive. However, you may want to try the following creative wrapping ideas to amaze your loved ones.

Gift Bags

You can make your own paper gift bag from an envelope, wrapping paper or Kraft paper; paper bag handles and washi tape. Cut a sheet of paper that is twice the size of your desired gift bag. Fold the paper horizontally into two equal parts. Fold the vertical sides inwards. Place one side into the other and tape them with the washi tape. Fold the horizontal side (base) of the bag in and flatten the corners of each side of the base into a triangular shape. Fold both sides of the base inwards and tape them together. Tape bought handles or handles from another paper bag onto your bag. You can decorate your bag with colored tape.

Paper Bow On Plain Brown Wrappings

You can attach paper bow on plain brown wrappings to enhance the look of your package. To make the bow, cut four sheets of wax papers into squares of 12x12 dimensions. Place the squares one on top of the other and fold the layers like a fan. Tie the layers of the squares at the center with a string and trim the edges. Pull the layers apart to form a flower and attach it to the package. You can also attach pom-poms made from cotton yarn.


Wrap your gift in newspaper and attach flower made from newspaper on top of the package. Cut strips of newspapers of about 15cm width or less. Fold each strip into two and cut it severally along the fold. Gently separate the looped fringes obtained and tie them with some tape. Fluff the fringes and your flower is ready.

Use of Tapes

You can use colored masking tapes in place of ribbons to beautify your gifts. These tapes when used as vertical and horizontal stripes on packages enhance their look. It is ideal to alternate the colors of the tapes. Snowflakes made from colored paper straws attached on top of the package will give it a creative look.

Use of Fabric

You can use strip of fabric on your gifts. Tie the fabric round your package and its ends raw.

Your Christmas gifts will still look creative and fabulous even if you do not have ribbons, wrapping papers or boxes. Just rock your gifts with any of these beautiful do-it-yourself wrapping gift ideas.

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