The Magic of Kinder Surprise and Why Kids Love It

Kinderino with Kinder Surprise Eggs - Chocolate & More Delights

Kinder Surprises are a delight for every child. The special things about Kinder eggs are the surprise toys placed inside each chocolate egg. Kinder eggs are hollow milk chocolate eggs that house a plastic capsule containing a surprise toy. That’s where the magic is. Described by its makers as a treat for the imagination, Kinder Surprise eggs have become more and more popular over the years and across the globe - loved by children and approved of by parents.

Why are kids so drawn to Kinder Surprise?

The Toy Means The World

Kids love toys. The surprise that they get inside each egg, no matter how small, means a lot to them. They love knowing that they'll get a toy (and maybe a unique one) each time they unwrap the chocolate. The toys are usually miniature versions of objects like cars, bikes, airplanes, cute animals or a special collectible figure.

Curiosity: What Would I Get This Time?

Kids are curious. They love to be treated to pleasant surprises, and that’s exactly what Kinder surprises are about. Kids are eager to know what’s in their new eggs, will it be a cute toy animal or something cooler they can brag about?

A Feeling Of Achievement

Kids love rewards. From the moment they unwrap the foil, and split the egg to reveal the surprise plastic capsule, pop it open, till they assemble and brandish the toy. It’s a process of exploration; a sacred one, almost like clockwork. It’s like a meticulous search for a gold chest. It’s common to see kids boast about their toys -their Kinder rewards - among their peers. The cooler toys are the ones which have to be assembled and have fun mechanisms. A young YouTuber gleamed with ecstasy when he completed a toy bike and made it run after some windings. In another video, a girl became visibly worried when she got similar toy animals in three out of four eggs and oh, what a joy when the last egg presented toy parts she would later assemble.

The Chocolate Isn’t Bad Either

Kids love chocolate. The Kinder chocolate that houses the surprise capsule is really good too. Just like other Kinder chocolate brands, it has the perfect mix of a fine milk chocolate shell with a milky white lining and tastes great. Kids drawn by curiosity may leave the chocolate until after they’ve uncovered their Kinder reward, but they always come back to munch away the delicious chocolate shells.

And Those Kinder Egg Videos

Kids love Kinder egg videos. These videos of kids unwrapping surprise eggs garner millions of views on YouTube. A parent recently commented online that her kids now prefer watching YouTube videos to regular television, all thanks to the captivating Kinder Surprise egg videos.

While some government agencies may have safety concerns about the little toys placed in each Kinder egg, kids will worry only about when they'll get their next treat, what toy they will discover as their next Kinder Surprise and how excited they will be to share their latest discoveries.

A Brief History Of Kinder Chocolates

1946, Kinder Chocolates was invented in Alba, Italy by pastry chef, Pietro Ferrero who founded the company Ferrero SpA in the same year.

Kinder Surprise originated in 1974 in Italy as ‘Kinder Sorpresa’ and has since become widely popular across the globe. A bigger version is the Kinder Maxi Surprise egg with 100 g and the giant Kinder XL egg which is about 220 g compared to the regular 20 g per egg.

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