5 Spooky And Fun Halloween Ideas

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Throw a Halloween party using natural ghost like decorating materials that will excite even the little ghosts and goblins.

Halloween costumes and decorations are traditionally designed after non-natural figures such as vampires, ghosts, skeletons, wizards and the devil. Although Halloween is clearly not a German tradition, we have adopted this fun day in recent years. Below are five quick and easy DIY Halloween designs and patterns to use this year.

1. Spooktacular Pumpkin

Materials needed: Pumpkin, Spooky template, fine and wide-tipped linoleum cutter, lubricants (preferably petroleum jelly), paintbrush, and ink.

  • Cut a small hole at the base of the pumpkin, creating an empty cavity until the skin is about half an inch thick. Draw the design template of your choice and tape it to the pumpkin.
  • The awl should be used to create holes along the design after the design template is removed.
  • Use the fine-tipped linoleum cutter to carve an outline and interior features of the image, exposing surface but not cutting all through. Carefully use a pen to draw a frame design; cut a quarter deep so the area which is uncarved can be visibly seen.
  • Apply the petroleum jelly on the exposed surface, so the ink droppings don't sink into it, and it also slows the rate of decay. A brayer should be coated with the ink; meticulously roll over the design. Use a paintbrush to even out ink on the missed areas.

2. Dreadful Bouquet

Follow these instructions to make your own fabulous centerpiece.

  • Trim the flower plant stem and place a black food dye solution inside. The flowers will absorb the color overnight and swallow up the solution.
  • Hollow out a pumpkin, spray it white and allow it to dry.
  • Attach a plastic spider to the pumpkin, also fill the small vase inside. Fill the vase up with water and organize flowers in it.

3. Cauldron of Potions

Turn a large pumpkin into an ice bowl for homemade drink following these steps:

  • Cut off the large top portion of the pumpkin leaving a serrated edge.
  • A needle or a pin should be used to trace out your design. Carve out your design with a linoleum cutter and any other available carving tools.
  • Apply petroleum jelly to the exposed edges to prevent drying out.
  • A plastic bowl which is faintly smaller than your pumpkin should be placed inside while ice and drinks are placed in it.

4. Pumpkin Scarecrow

Black paint makes it even spookier.

  • Tie branches together in a cross form for the body. Place a dyed cheesecloth for cobwebs.
  • Open the pumpkin from beneath, make a hole in the bottom that’s just big enough to remove the insides.
  • Carve a face into the pumpkin, without removing its pieces so paint does not enter inside.
  • Spray the pumpkin black and allow to dry.
  • Remove all the face pieces and set the pumpkin on the stick as the top branch runs over the pumpkin. The pumpkin might also be allowed to rest over a wall.

 5. Silly Skeleton

Increase the fear associated with the conventional decorations by spicing it up with funny accessories. A faux fur and a party hat can be placed on the skull to make it look spookier.

Happy Halloween!


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