All Things Pumpkin Spice: What Is The Obsession?

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Pumpkin spice has become very popular lately to the extent that not only Americans are so obsessed with it. There is no need to wonder so much as to what the reason could be. It appears to have taken over our taste buds since it is used to spice many food products such as pumpkin flavored yogurt, candies, coffees and so on. There is always a pumpkin spice product you can find whenever you enter any mall or supermarket. Let us look some reasons for the pumpkin spice obsession:

Limited Period of Availability

Since pumpkin has its season, whenever it is available people rush to get it. They wait patiently for its annual return and this behavior has been explained by 'the reactance theory.' This theory explains why we react the way we do when we know that our choices are limited. With the knowledge of the limited time, pumpkin spice will be available; people tend to demand it aggressively.

Social Influence

Despite the fact that pumpkin spice is good and tastes great, other spices equally taste nice. Since we live in a society with friends and family, we are likely to be influenced by the decisions of others especially when many people have decided to toll that path. The case of the pumpkin spice obsession is not an exception. Lots of people are influenced when they see others rush out for the pumpkin spice lattes of the season.

Warm and Fuzzy Feeling

A critical look at autumn season does not have any meaning but the one we choose to attach to it. Autumn is characterized by early sunset and the falling of dead leaves. This does not bring any positive emotions. When you attach the knowledge of school resumption, family holiday or new leather boots that you can get during this period, you'd be looking forward to the season. The same way we inject this feeling into the autumn season, that is how the warm and fuzzy feeling has been injected into the pumpkin spice's arrival.

Sweet Sensation in the Brain

It is a known fact that pumpkin spice products are extremely sweet. This means that it has a high tendency of making people addicted. The brain, as it were, has been wired to respond to the secretion of glucose which is its primary source of energy. The brain needs sugar for it to function effectively in learning and thinking. The consumption of pumpkin spice products can help in reducing the rate of hypoglycemia which is a health condition characterized by low glucose level.

In conclusion, people are obsessed with pumpkin spice for good reasons. The above points are a few reasons why people can't get enough of this nutritious delicacy. The effort has been made to develop more pumpkin spice products over the years is breathtaking and we couldn't resist to create a tee for the season. Now let's enjoy a Pumpkin Spice Latte. For other delicious sweet treats visit our store.

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