Delicious Homemade Cinnamon Chocolate Sticks

Homemade Chocolate Cinnamon Sticks - Chocolate & More Delights

Taste the season with these delicious cinnamon chocolate sticks. Cinnamon is one of the most delicious and healthiest spices on the planet and it is a popular spice during fall and winter. According to research conducted by the University of Dresden Medical School in 2009 among 100 volunteers, who were asked to rate different food smells - 97% of those surveyed said that they associated cinnamon with Christmas, as opposed to just 1% who associated it with summertime. The result is perhaps not so surprising. As the researchers noted, the warm scent of orange, cloves and cinnamon pervades many German winter treats from Lebkuchen / Gingerbread to spicy Glühwein / Mulled Wine. Therefore, it is only natural that these flavors should be more desired at Christmas-time.

We love cinnamon any day of the year and these delicious cinnamon sticks don't only make an appearance in our kitchen when it is chilly outside. 



Chop chocolate into small pieces. Pour whipping cream in a sauce pan and bring to a boil. Remove from stove and add butter, chocolate and cinnamon. Stir well until chocolate is completely resolved and all ingredients are combined. Pour chocolate mass into a square baking tray and let it cool down overnight. Cut chocolate into sticks, roll in icing sugar and enjoy. If you wish to make the chocolate sticks for children then decorate them with colorful sprinkles. These chocolate sticks are also a great gift idea. The chocolate mass is good for approximately 20 pieces.  

Shelf Life: approx. 1 month

Recipe Source: Tchibo "Köstliche Geschenke Aus Der Küche"

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