Ruby Chocolate - A New Variety Conquers The Chocolate World

Ruby Chocolate - Chocolate & More Delights

A new chocolate trend emerged last year, as a result of Barry Callebaut's ruby chocolate introduction in 2017. Microbiologists at Jacobs University, based in Bremen, Germany had discovered the properties of the ruby cocoa bean while they actually wanted to research the ingredients of cocoa beans in general on behalf of Barry Callebaut. The Swiss chocolate maker conducted extensive research over a decade that essentially lead to the discovery of, what the company calls, the fourth type of chocolate alongside milk, dark and white chocolate. At that time they probably had no idea that they would write history. It is indeed the first new chocolate innovation within 80 years. We only had white chocolate as a new type of chocolate since then. 

How Is Ruby Chocolate Made?

However, ruby chocolate does not derive from a new cocoa bean variety. Cocoa is the dried and fully fermented seed of Theobroma Cacao, from which cocoa solids and cocoa butter are extracted. It forms the basis of chocolate production. Existing botanical cocoa bean varieties native to Brazil have been identified as having the right attributes to be processed into ruby chocolate due to the natural presence of the color pink. No ruby cocoa plantation exists to date. Instead specialists actively look for and collect the ruby cocoa beans, which also appear to have a pink to reddish orange tone on the outside. The inexperienced eye cannot distinguish them from the other cocoa beans. The cocoa plantation workers therefore developed a special technique for recognizing the ruby cocoa bean and then processing the fruits accordingly.

While the exact production method is a trade secret it is assumed that the chocolate production process is somewhat different. Industry speculation is that ruby chocolate is made with unfermented or shortly fermented cocoa beans that are possibly treated with citric acid to bring out the pink color. Thus, Ruby chocolate is crafted with natural ingredients without colors or fruit flavorings being added. How great is that? Ruby chocolate might be the perfect solution to replace sweet and artificially flavored chocolate.

What Does Ruby Chocolate Taste Like?

Since the pink color is not natural to chocolate you might wonder what ruby chocolate tastes like. Barry Callebaut describe it as fruitiness and luscious smoothness. We think ruby chocolate is a cross-over between white chocolate and berries. It definitely makes this variety a great summer chocolate. It also ads a splash of color to a dessert or cake.

Where Can I Buy Ruby Chocolate?

Is ruby chocolate here to stay? We think yes, colorful food trends are on the rise in recent years and the color pink resonates well with the millennial audience. Ruby chocolate mass production has started and we are happy that we feature Germany's first ruby chocolate in our online store. The food and beverage industry has also joined in and thus Costa Coffee offers ruby hot chocolate, Häagen-Dazs and Magnum released ice creams in January 2020. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and try this fourth generation of chocolate!

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