Which Is The Best Dark Chocolate To Eat For Better Fitness?

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Dark chocolate is a healthy alternative for fitness-conscious chocolate lovers. It contains more cocoa than typical commercial chocolate bars, which have high quantities of sugar and milk.

Dark chocolate is made up of 50-90% cocoa solids plus cocoa butter and sugar, according to Harvard Chan School of Public Health. That’s why it can lead to lower blood pressure and other health benefits. In this blog post, we will discuss which dark chocolate is best for chocolate connoisseurs who want to boost their fitness level while enjoying its delectable flavor.

How Does Dark Chocolate Lower Blood Pressure?

Dark chocolate can lower blood pressure, especially among people who have hypertension. It has a higher concentration of flavanols compared to other types of chocolate, based on a study by BioMed Central Limited.

Flavanols are compounds that cause the blood vessels to dilate by stimulating the production of the enzyme endothelial nitric oxide. The blood pressure reducing effects of dark chocolate is similar to 30 minutes of daily physical activity. It may minimize the risk of a heart attack by around 20% in a span of five years.

Aside from lower blood pressure, dark chocolate also has other health benefits. It can improve cholesterol levels by increasing good cholesterol and decreasing bad cholesterol, reports the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). It may also enhance insulin sensitivity, which reduces the risk of diabetes.

Which Is the Best Dark Chocolate To Eat for Better Fitness?

Dark chocolate may vary in terms of cocoa content and other included ingredients. That’s why chocolate enthusiasts need to be discerning when choosing the dark chocolate products that they eat. We recommend dark chocolate bars made from 70% or more cocoa. After all, the higher the cocoa content, the more flavanols it contains.

Chocolate buyers should carefully read the ingredient list of the products they are interested in. Select dark chocolate that lists cocoa first among the ingredients since the orders of ingredients represents which ones have the highest weight. Avoid products where sugar is the first item on the ingredient list.

The source of cocoa also matters when choosing dark chocolate since the geography and plant variety could affect the flavanol content of the product. Prevention explains that cocoa beans grown in Colombia have a high amount of flavanols, while Dutch-processed cocoa usually has a lower amount because of how the beans are processed.

Last but not least, choose dark chocolate free from gluten, nuts, dairy, or wheat, especially for people who are sensitive to these potential allergens.

Enjoy Eating Dark Chocolate

There’s no need to deprive yourself of the luscious flavor of chocolate, even if you want to follow a healthy lifestyle. You can level up your personal fitness by eating moderate amounts of dark chocolate, which can lower your blood pressure. Just make sure to choose the best dark chocolate with high flavanol content to maximize its health benefits.

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