Maintain A Youthful Appearance With Chocolate & Red Wine

Chocolate & Red Wine - Chocolate & More Delights

Did you ever wonder if chocolate and red wine could help you slow down the aging process? The good news is that there is a link between staying young and consumption of chocolate and red wine. Researchers in Brighton and Exeter universities have found that there are chemical products in dark chocolate, blueberries, red wine and red grapes that help in maintenance of a youthful appearance.

Aging leads to formation of wrinkles which loudly announce that we are no longer in our youthful stage, the cells find it hard to repair the wrinkled skin. The chemicals in the red wine and chocolate are known to reverse the process, helping in rejuvenating the old cells and making them behave younger. According to the study at university of Exeter, within hours of consumption, the older cells started to divide. The study found that splicing factors could be switched back when fed the right chemicals. With these chemicals, some of which are found in the red wine and chocolate, the cells behave and look like younger ones.


Antioxidants are important in our bodies as they protect the body from damaging the free radicals. Every day we are exposed to the free radicals in form of what we consume, where we go and the natural process that occur in the environment as well as in our bodies. Consuming foods that contain flavonoids and flavonols helps our bodies deal with these free radicals. Chocolate contains these vital compounds. When taken as a bar the benefits are even larger. Consuming it with milk makes the absorption of the antioxidants hard.

Consumption of red wine and chocolate will not only make you look younger but will keep your brain healthy. It would not be beneficial when you are looking younger but your brain functions like that of a person who is in his eighties, where you may be having memory loss, slow to respond to stimulis among other issues. The two are known to have some compounds which reverse memory decline and keep your brain active. If you combine this with reading and engaging in brain exercises, the results will be great, you will be sharper, focused and alert things that perfectly go with a youthful look.

To get the benefits out of the chocolate bar, the dark one is more preferred here as it has faster absorption rate unlike the white one which may contain milk which is known to inhibit its absorption process.


Although red wine and chocolate are recommended for people who would like to rejuvenate their skin and brain, they ought to be consumed in moderation. Overindulgence in consumption of red wine or chocolate can have devastating effects. To some people it can lead to adding of weight, something which may come with many health issues. Overconsumption of red wine is also likely to bring the same effects not mentioning damaging of body organs. To get the best results out of these two wonder products, one is advised to consume the recommended levels , avoid overindulgence as it has some bad effects on the body and youth general health.

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